Parklife Raises £36,500 To Help Our SuperJosh Families

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Parklife Raises £36,500 To Help Our SuperJosh Families

Wow what an amazingly generous bunch at Parklife this year! With their help we raised a staggering £36,500 to help local children who have brain tumours.

This year marked the fifth year that we have been lucky enough to have a presence at the Parklife festival. Over the years the support from those attending the festival has been simply amazing, and this year certainty didn’t disappoint.

The weather was challenging but it didn’t dampen our spirits. We must say a HUGE thank-you to our amazing team and the festival goers themselves who made all this possible. A special thanks goes to our Patron Sacha Lord and his team at Parklife – what amazing support, it is truly life-changing.

The money raised goes directly to those families that need it most.

We use the money raised for a whole range of practical and emotional support for children and families who are going through some of the worst trauma in life.

We provide specific financial support to families of children who have or have-had a brain tumour, with special focus on those who also have post-surgery disabilities. This financial support can include help with the purchase of specialist equipment, home adaptations, post-treatment holidays, to assist in cases of financial hardship where parents have lost income due to being unable to work while caring for their sick child, and many other instances. Applications for assistance are considered on a case by case basis by our Trustee panel.

We also provide a counselling service which is available for as long as is needed in order to help our families work through their feeling and emotions at these very traumatic times.

Referrals to help our families come in from a range of sources; hospital social workers, GP’s, other medical professionals, social media and the general public. We believe that raising awareness is just as important as fundraising – which thanks to Parklife is huge.

All the money raised via Parklife and all the other fundraising activities we take part in is used for those that need it most and we are proud to say it really does make a huge difference.

How your donations help support our work.

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