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Super-JoshJoshua Wilson aka ‘SuperJosh’ was a very happy normal three and a half year old when he was diagnosed with a brain stem brain tumour.

Life saving brain surgery to remove the tumour left Joshua in a coma, before he then started his recovery in rehab. The complicated surgery due to the location of the brain stem left him with complex physical needs, epilepsy, scoliosis, joint and chest problems and an acquired brain injury.

Within 6 months of surgery the tumour had returned and as further surgery wasn’t an option, Joshua started an 18th course of Chemotherapy which froze the tumour growth and allowed Joshua to start development post surgery.

We then started an incredible life changing journey that through Josh’s Charity we were able to share experiences, rewards and challenges in the hope that we could help other families on their journey and share our learnings along the way.


Despite the daily challenges he faced, SuperJosh continued to make the world smile.

Post surgery, Josh was no longer able to communicate vebally but had cleverly developed his own form of communication using simple signs and facial expressions; to Josh ‘thumbs up’ is Yes and that’s where ”Thumbraisers” and our big Thumbs Up logo comes from.

Josh needed 24/7 care and support for all his needs and aspects of daily life, but we focused on his positive abilities, along with his cheeky personality, smiles, determined drive and happy outlook on life – ensuring he led a full, fun, social and as ‘normal’ a school-life as possible.

Josh, at the age of 13 was nicknamed ‘SuperJosh’ for his sheer determination to enjoy life to the full and make the world smile.

He was our miracle but sadly he became terminally ill due to post surgery chronic lung problems.

Our incredible boy Josh passed away age 14 on the 3rd November 2014, leaving the most amazing legacy helping so many other children and young people with brain tumours and disabilities.

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