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How can the SuperJosh Charity help?

The SuperJosh Charity is proud to be able to give help and hope to other children and young people with brain tumours, post-surgery disabilities along SuperJosh’s journey.

We can help with advice, grants and financial solutions – please email for our help or use the contact form >> here.

Here are some of the ways we can help families:

Direct Help for Families


To provide specific financial support to families of children who have or have-had a brain tumour, with special focus on those who also have post-surgery disabilities. This financial support can include help with the purchase of specialist equipment, home adaptations, post-treatment holidays, to assist in cases of financial hardship where parents have lost income due to being unable to work while caring for their sick child, and many other instances.  Applications for assistance are considered on a case by case basis by our Trustee panel.

SuperJosh Entertainment Packages


To provide Entertainment Packs specifically for teenage children in Hospitals in the North-West, comprising items such as X-Boxes, TVs and iPads. Teenagers in hospitals often fall in-between two services, they are too old for traditional child entertainment, but need more stimulation than that which is provided on an adult ward. Our entertainment packs are specifically aimed at children aged 13+ and are distributed within hospitals where we know teenagers can spend a lot of time having treatment. We know we are filling an important gap that the NHS simply cannot fund.

Changing Places


The campaigning for suitable assisted changing facilities in public places for older children, with the creation of a Changing Friendly “Thumbs Up” rating system those who offer any kind of assisted changing facilities for older children rather than babies. The logistics of taking an older child to the toilet and more so, having to use changing facilities for an older child, are unnecessarily complicated.  Whilst there is no legislation governing the provision of facilities for changing babies and smaller children, these facilities have now become common place. However, far less frequent is the provision of facilities for older children. Lying a child on the floor in a public toilet is sometimes the only possible option. This is not only undignified and causes problems for lifting, it is also unhygienic and unhealthy for the child.

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