Tyler gets new tiles, and much much more!

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Tyler gets new tiles, and much much more!

Team SuperJosh have helped the family of 11 year old Tyler Yates from Leigh, who has been living with a brain tumour since he was diagnosed on his first Birthday. Josh & Tyler met during treatment when they were both in Pendlebury Hospital and grew up to be good friends.

Tyler has grown up needing to have ongoing courses of radiotherapy & chemotherapy to try and help keep his tumours at bay.

Following a bad water leak, Tyler’s bathroom suffered severe damp which poses a big infection risk. In addition, the space needed adapting to suit Tyler’s ongoing needs and to enable him to be as independent as possible.

Dawn turned to Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity Trustee Simon Warrigton, who used to be in the bathroom industry, to ask for his help and to call-in some favours. Dawn asked Simon to talk to Tyler’s family. After talking to Alex, Tyler’s Dad, it was obvious that other bathroom installers had been giving them the wrong advice due to the lack of understanding of the families needs.

Due to Tyler’s ongoing treatment he was having problems getting into the bath and was in danger of slipping and hurting himself. Simon recommended a full-length shower with sliding doors and an overhead rainshower head to enable his parents to get into the shower, if Tyler ever became unsteady on his. They also ensured the walls had strengthening batons installed so that, should Tyler ever need a chair installed, it could be fitted with a minimum of fuss and no need to remove the wall coverings.

The walls and ceiling were clad in a hygienic full-length ‘shower wall’ eliminating mould and damp from within the bathroom. An extractor fan was installed to take out any excess moisture and a new combination toilet and vanity sink replaced the cracked and leaking toilet.

The radiator was replaced with an infrared ceiling panel to eliminate the risk of Tyler being burnt and to take advantage of the heath benefits of infrared heating, damp is eliminated and absorbed by the fabric of the building.

Simon said, “Even though I am no longer in the bathroom industry I still have access to trade discounts and many years of expertise to draw upon. The whole project was completed within 3 days due to the hard working Dan and Kedgy who started early and worked late to ensure minimum disruption to the Family.”

Dawn Fidler, Mum and Founder of the Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity, said “Tyler and Josh were great friends. It remains a great honour for us to be able to help families like Tyler’s and others across the region. It was what Josh wanted in life and I am proud that his amazing charity continues to be able to do so.”

Tyler’s Mum, Pamela, said “We cannot thank the SuperJosh charity enough for our fantastic bathroom. Not only has the health and accident risk been removed, but the room has been made practical, spacious and is so much more accommodating for Tyler’s needs. We no longer have worries about him burning himself on the radiator and the infrared panel is a godsend, it heats the room in minutes and along with the extractor fan, has helped stop the condensation which had added to the damp problem.”

“Tyler no longer needs support getting in and out the shower and, because he can use it himself, it has given him the freedom to shower as and when he likes. Which is a lot more often nowadays. It has given him some control of his life.”

Pictured – Tyler in his new bathroom

The Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity relies on the support of local people to enable to provide the services offered.

Joshua was 3 ½ when he was diagnosed with a brain stem tumour. Life-saving surgery to remove the tumour left Josh with serious post-operative complications.

On Josh’s 13th Birthday in 2013, Josh and his mum, Dawn, launched the Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity with the aim of helping other families living with childhood brain tumours and post-operative complications. The charity, The Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity, went on to raise £100,000 in its first year of existence.

From Christmas 2013 Dawn was told seven times in eight months her son only had 48 hours to live. Josh defied all odds, and turned 14 in August of 2014 but sadly died in November.

Since his passing, Dawn and Josh’s other family members have maintained their commitment to his Charity and have remained active and engaged with all of the charity’s supporters.

To find our more, go to our website www.joshwilson.org.uk or email us hello@joshwilson.org.uk


To make a donation to the Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity you can: –

   Donate by text: To donate £5 right now, text SJBT13 followed by £1, £2, £5 or £10 to 70070

   Donate online: visit www.joshwilson.org.uk and click on Please Donate Here

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