Thumbraisers are banging the drum for SuperJosh

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Thumbraisers are banging the drum for SuperJosh

Huge thank-you to Carl Hayes and Carl Brewer, at Redwall rehearsal and recording studio, for donating the rooms and time so we can offer the use of musical instruments in our healing through play session.

The children had the opportunity to spend time in a studio. They both had a good look round and any questions they had both Carls were happy to answer them.

We had a noisy competition for them to make as much noise as they wanted and also make up their own tunes.

This was also a perfect way for the children to express themselves. One of the children said “it helped loads and I don’t feel wound so much now”

The drums were the instrument of choice and both the children had so much fun during their session.
Carl said: “We are really pleased that the children enjoyed their time with us and we hope that the experience they had has been of benefit to them”


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