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The Ultra Challenge for Matt Nuttall

This week I wanted to take the time to tell you about a really special local guy that is taking on one of the hardest physical challenges out there. Matt Nuttall from Bury started the Yukon Arctic Ultra race on Sunday 5th February, and all things being well, he will finish on Monday 13th February.
The race started at Whitehorse in Northern Canada and will finish in Dawson. While there are many competitors, this is definitely a solo event, with everyone having to pull their own sled full of supplies and equipment throughout the race. As a result of the heavy burden, the snow and the ice it is only possible to reach speeds of 2-3 mph, yet in order to finish on schedule it’s imperative to cover 40 miles per day!
That means a gruelling 18 hours or more on the trail, leaving very little time for that all important sleep.
Matt’s spent his training building up to doing 2-3 hour daily runs over Holcombe Hill, as well as a weekly 60-70 mile run along canals (dragging a large tyre to build up strength)! I’m sure you’ll agree the training sounds difficult enough, let alone the event itself.
We are so amazed that Matt is raising money for our charity by doing this challenge and so exceptionally grateful too. We’ve been following his progress and at last check he had completed 91 miles.
You can donate to his Virgin Giving page here and keep track of Matt’s progress here


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