Thank you for helping Josh give help & hope to the family of 17 year old Tyler Murphy

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Thank you for helping Josh give help & hope to the family of 17 year old Tyler Murphy

The Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity is very proud to be able to help the family of 17 of year old Tyler Murphy, with financial help towards hospital expenses whilst he undergoes treatment for his brain tumour.

Tyler’s Mum Janice explains, “When your child is diagnosed with a brain tumour your life is turned up side down, all you want to know is that they’re going to be ok. What you don’t expect to happen is that you’re suddenly also worrying about money. Having a child is hospital is expensive, there are petrol, parking, and other costs, to compound this invariably one parent has to stop work. Being given a grant allows you to breath again and purely concentrate on your child it really is a huge help.”

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Josh’s Mum & Charity Founder Dawn Fidler says “We know from Joshua’s hospital stays over the last 10 years how challenging treatment is, causing problems emotionally, physically & financially. A 2 week stay in hospital can cost a family around £200 in meals, travel expenses and parking, we are very proud that our Charity is be able to help remove some of this stress whilst Tyler undergoes treatment, with help towards these expenses”

This has only been made possible by the kind, generous donations we have received & everyone’s amazing support for Josh’s Charity fundraising

Thank you for helping Josh give help & hope to Tyler and his family.


For further information on how The Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity can provide help, support & financial solutions please visit or contact us be email at

Helping Josh give help and hope to children with brain tumours & post surgery disabilities. We want to help children who have / have had a brain tumour & their families with advice, support & financial solutions, with special focus on those who also have post surgery disabilities.

A secondary aim of the charity is to help raise awareness of the need for improved changing facilities for young people and adults. Josh wears pads and it’s becoming increasing difficult when we go out to find places to change him now he’s so big.

We want to raise awareness of this to the public, businesses & organisations and work with them to improve their facilities. Working alongside Changing Places, Josh & his team of Thumbraisers will give them a thumbs up ‘changing friendly’ rating and advice as how they can improve.


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