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SuperJosh News: Issue No. 5

Hi everyone and welcome to the 5th edition of the SuperJosh news – the highlight of your Superjosh week.

Hope you are all making the most of the sunshine – maybe you’re even enjoying a nice cold pint of something refreshing in a beer garden whilst reading this.  JEALOUS!

As always there’s lots to report on this week, so get comfy and off we go.


First off we would like to say a huge thank you and thumbs up to everyone who attended the BestofBury Golf Day yesterday at Walmersley Golf Club.  Special thanks to the club itself, Debi and Phil from the BestofBury, the day’s sponsors RRG Nisan and the ever charming Paolo from The Venetian hideaway for his generation donation.

Just check out the raffle prizes on offer:

unnamedTogether they raised £982 for the charity which is just amazing.

Special well done to Bury Financial Advisors who were the winning team on the day.


As most of you know Steve and the team at Best In Bury Foods are huge supporters of our charity, and often do all they can to help raise awareness and funds.

This month they are doing a Super June package and for every sale made, a donation will be made directly to the charity.

So, what exactly are they offering?


500g Lean Best Steak Mince…
2 Tender Sirloin Steaks
2 Texas Ranch Sirloin Steaks
4 Fresh Pork Steaks
4 Spicy Pork Steaks
2 Piri Piri Oil Chicken Breast
2 Fresh Chicken Breast
BBQ Mighty Meaty Pork Ribs
5 Fresh and Tasty Steak Kebabs
5 Best In Bury Steak Burgers
5 Chinese Chicken Portions
5 Garlic Chicken Portions
4 Minty Leg Lamb Chops
4 Gammon Steaks
Large Tray of Quality Farmhouse Sausages

All for £39.99!!

You can view the deal directly here (and don’t forget to select your free add on to get even more benefits!).

They certainly get a massive thumbs up from us – thanks as always for all your support!


This weekend

Don’t forget that it’s ParkLife this weekend.  The sun is going to be shining and the SuperJosh team are going to have their sunscreen on.

If you are going to the event then make sure you pop on over to say hi and check out our stand.


And, if you are going to the event then you might want to take a little look at this.  Get a RT out and you could save a pretty penny!  Thanks as always to our patron Sacha for all his support.

Upcoming Events

It’s almost Midsummer which means it’s almost time for our Midsummer Party.  This takes place on 20th June at the Queen Anne Pub in Unsworth and looks set to be another fantastic fun packed family day out.


And, if that wasn’t enough to keep you going throughout June, we also have an amazing night planned at The Village where we will be joined by the legend himself, Ron Atkinson!


Tickets are still available, but you’d better get a wriggle on as they are selling fast.  It looks set to be a wonderful night, and we look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible.

Here to Help

The feedback we have received from many of you about our “Here to Help” stories has been amazing, and we are glad you love hearing about the things we do as a charity.  Without your constant support, and the donations you make, none of it would be possible – so you all deserve a big thumbs up.

This week we don’t have a specific story, as all the work we are currently doing is behind the scenes, and for privacy reasons we are not able to share them (yet, anyway).

However, it seems like a good time to talk to you about the sorts of things we do to help families both within the immediate community and further afield.

Things like helping pay for the adaptations that are needed to the home to help a family adjust to changes in mobility for their child.

Things like allowing a family time to regroup, unwind and enjoy just being together after a diagnosis and prolonged treatment.

Signposting parents to other organisations that can help provide emotional support.  Things we always pray people won’t need such as grief counselling, but things that we know can be a huge part of the world they are now living in.  Or simply knowing what to expect from palliative care support.

These are the realities of the world we live in and with your help we are here to offer support when and where it is needed. So thank you for helping make it just that little bit better.  You all rock!

 That’s all folks…


That’s all from us this week.  Stay tuned to Twitter to find out the latest news on Park Life and all the other happenings over the week and we will see you again on Friday.
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