SuperJosh is proud to welcome GMP Chief Constable Sir Peter Fahy as a Patron to his Charity

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SuperJosh is proud to welcome GMP Chief Constable Sir Peter Fahy as a Patron to his Charity

Josh is very proud to announce that GMP Chief Constable Sir Peter Fahy has become a Patron of his charity The Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity.

14 year old ‘SuperJosh’ was diagnosed with a brain tumour when he was just three years old and was left severely disabled after surgery to remove his brain tumour and is now suffering from a terminal lung condition as a result of post-operative complications.

Josh first met Sir Peter when GMP rocked YouTube with their Gangnam Police Video, officers from the Prestwich, Whitefield & Blackley Neighbourhood Policing Team, the Chief Constable and cast of Scott & Bailey demonstrated their best Gangnam dance moves in the video.

This helped raise thousands of pounds for Josh’s house adaptation fundraising & sparked a huge awareness that was the catalyst for the launch of Josh’s registered Charity in 2013 which helps Josh to help other children with brain tumours, post surgery disabilities and along his journey.

Dawn Fidler, Joshs Mum and founder of his Charity says ‘We are very proud that Sir Peter Fahy has become a Patron, Josh adores the Police and all the emergency services and ever since the GMP Gangnam Video, he has considered him as a real friend.We are honoured to have the support of The Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police as a Patron of The Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity.’

‘SuperJosh’ Josh Wilson, 14 with his Mum Dawn Fidler & GMP Chief Constable Sir Peter Fahy

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How can SuperJosh & his Charity help ?


Josh is proud to be able to give help and hope to other children & young people with brain tumours, post surgery disabilities & along his Journey

We can help with advice, grants & financial solutions – please email for our help

Here are some of the ways we can help families –

– We give families grants for hospital expenses & travel – a 2 week stay can cost over £200 in meals, parking, petrol etc.

– We can provide specialist equipment & house adaptation like a ceiling track hoist that helps with moving & handling for big heavy lumps like Teenager Josh – they cost between £4k – £10k each.

– We help with special treats, like holidays after Chemo, to give families holistic respite and time together again to be normal, so important after such stressful times.

– We help hospitals by donating teenage entertainment packages, full of Xbox’s, TVs & iPads.

Things that you presume are provided by the NHS but are sadly not – we find out these gaps during our hospital stays, it’s heartbreaking to see Children’s wards with broken TVs, when it’s so simple to put a smile on their faces.

– We can help with mortgage payments for families where one parent has to give up work due to their Child’s brain tumour treatment – this is real direct help & as you can imagine dramatically reduces unneeded stress.

– Sadly we help with funeral expenses also, to give families the help they need to say a beautiful goodbye to their little one.

To be able to give direct help to families & to see the difference we make directly as one is just incredible.

We are a tiny & new charity but the speed in which we are growing is just amazing, since our launch we’ve raised over £100,000 through public fundraising alone.

Your support means a phenomenal amount to us, helping us build our foundations for growth to help 100′s more children & families at the time that they need us more than ever.

Your help will increase the number of families that we can help who have children like Josh with brain tumours & disabilities, making a direct impact & difference to so many lives.

We would love to hear from the families of children in these areas who

– have or have had a Brain Tumour

– have post surgery disabilities

– live with shared / joint care – multiple homes

– live in England & Wales

Please get in touch via our Contact Form or email


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