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SuperJosh give Olivia a Super Garden

Olivia MacMillan from Cliterhoe now has a special memorial garden to remember her baby brother, Max thanks to SuperJosh.


Olivia was just six years old when her 18 month old brother Max died just over two years ago.  Deeply affected by his loss, Olivia wanted a special place to sit and remember him, and spoke to Dawn Fidler, founder of The Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity about designing a memorial garden.

image1Dawn said “Olivia wanted somewhere she felt she could be with Max and read to him.  She also wanted to be able to look out of her bedroom window and see the special space at night, so lighting was very important to the end design.”


With the help of Gordon Hamilton and his team from Bespoke Landscapes an overgrown patch of garden was dug up, and replaced with a patio area for Olivia and her family to use. Gordon said “Olivia was in charge of the whole thing, even giving us a drawing to work to, showing what she wanted. I hope we have stuck to her brief, and this is exactly what she was hoping for.”



Thomas Bennett from WoodQuirkz in Bacup kindly donated a bench for the special space, which has now been fitted with a plaque and reads: “Then he lay down close by and whispered with a smile, “I love you right up to the moon – and back. Maxy Moo xxx”


Travis Perkins and John from Old Holts Farm also donated over £1,000 worth of materials to create the look Olivia was after.  Chris from Connect Electric, based in Greater Manchester also donated the uplighters, to help ensure a perfect view of the trees in the memorial garden from Olivia’s window.


Mikayla Shaw, Mum to Olivia, Max and Charlie said “A few weeks ago Olivia drew a picture and all this happened!!! The back corner of the garden was an overgrown mess. Along came Dawn Fidler and Josh’s SuperJosh charity and transformed it into Max’s corner. A place for Olivia and us to remember Max, a place where we can decorate and buy gifts for special occasions. A happy place that Olivia is overjoyed with. The weather has not been good to us and everyone has worked so hard. What a difference this will make to us all, especially Olivia who misses her Maxy Moo so much. Happy 4th birthday Max, we all miss and love you so very much xxx’


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