Superintendent and fifteen accomplices released without charge following night in the cells

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Superintendent and fifteen accomplices released without charge following night in the cells

Wednesday 8 October 2014

No officer can boast about locking up 15 people in one night…not until now that is!

And the person who can now lay claim to an arrest tally that would be the envy of even the best ‘thief taker’ comes from an unlikely source – a superintendent.

With prisoners including a former boxing world champion, an unbeaten kick-boxing star, a police sergeant and solicitor to mention just a few, it is a job that would grab the attention of the nation’s journalists.

But thankfully things aren’t as they may first seem…Superintendent Keith Fraser had not busted a crime network and the explanation for the group’s stint behind bars was of a charitable nature, not a criminal one.

The 15 volunteers, and even Superintendent Fraser himself, gave up their spare time to spend the evening as a prisoner for Sunday night (5 Oct) in the cells at Walsall police station to raise money and awareness for the Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity.

No comfort or special privileges were afforded to the 16 prisoners as they spent a total of nine hours in custody. But there were no complaints or grumbles about the accommodation as each was inspired to raise awareness and money for Josh’s charity and Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

Commenting on the event Superintendent Fraser said: “Like so many others as soon as I read Josh’s story I was inspired to do whatever I could to help his family and those in a similar position.

“I’m now the Chair of the Board of Trustees for the charity and delighted that, thanks to the generosity of members of public it has raised over one million pounds! But we’re not stopping there.

“I was delighted to invite so many people, a mixed group to say the least, to spend a night with West Midlands Police and raise even more funds. Each person has their own reason for wanting to help, but we’re all united in our determination to help not just Josh and his family, but others who may be dealing with similar circumstances in any way we can.

“I was delighted that Josh’s mum Dawn Fidler was able to join us and I’m sure she’ll enjoy take great delight in telling Josh about all of our experiences.”

The group have so far raised £2,000 with additional pledges still rolling in.

Joshua Wilson or ‘Super Josh’ as he’s come to be known as, was a very happy normal 3 ½-years-old when he was diagnosed with a brain stem tumour.

Lifesaving brain surgery to remove the tumour left Joshua in a coma. Within 6 months of surgery the tumour had returned and as further surgery wasn’t an option, Joshua started an 18th course of chemotherapy which to date has frozen the tumour.

Josh’s family were inspired to set up a charity to share experiences, rewards and challenges in the hope that they could help other families in their journey.

Josh is now 14 and has been nicknamed Super Josh for his sheer determination to enjoy life to the full and make the world smile.

For more information visit: , follow @SuperJCharity or to donate

In addition to Supt Fraser those taking part in the fundraiser were:

Dawn Fidler – Mother and founder of the Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity.
Wayne Elcock – Former English, British, Commonwealth & WBU World Middleweight champion
Kash ‘The Flash’ Gill – World-champion Birmingham-born kickboxer
Tracey Patterson – Supporting of the charity and wife to Barrington Patterson
Sergeant Michael Brown – Criminal Justice West Midlands Police Custody Officer
Julie Berry – Charity Supporter
Alan Bartlett – National Express West Midlands
Naseer Adalat – Solicitor
Adil Naseer – Amateur boxer for ten years
Mike Kenworthy – Coach driver and community tweeter
Polly Johnson – A mum of five and granny of three
Dave Strawson – Partner to Joshs Mum & Charity Ambassador
Tracey Snelling – Charity supporter
Becky Andrews – Charity supporter




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