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Pride of Bury Awards 2019!

Nominations have begun for The Pride of Bury Awards 2019.

Since starting in 2014, in memory of my Josh (AKA SuperJosh) local heroes of all ages are celebrated at these annual awards.

The awards are split into 14 categories and are the culmination of months of nominations and votes by local people.

Dawn Fidler, Founder of The Pride of Bury Awards “This year we’d like to make sure that everyone who is nominated gets recognition, so we have decided to publish their names regularly via our website”

Since opening the 2019 awards in January, the following people have been nominated and we would like to recognise and congratulate them!

Keith Harris – Brave Hero (posthumously)
Bury Book Buddies – Community Hero
Nicola Elms – Caring Hero
Nyra Speakman – Brave Hero
Bruno Francioli – Little Hero
Abed Hussain – Community Hero
Paige Uprichard – Teen Hero
Emma Greenwood – Teen Hero
Michelle Newns-Peers – Volunteer Hero
D J Fitness (Julie Porter & Debbie Young Browning) – Sporting Hero
Elaine Cairns – Teaching Hero
Sian O’Brien – Professional Caring
Jayne Rattray – Volunteer Hero
Police Dog Mojo – Brave Hero
Philip Clayton – Brave Hero
Janet Wood – Volunteer Hero
Gwen Robinson – Community Hero
Beat the Street – Community Hero
Paul O’Shaughnessy/Luke O’Shaughnessy and Lee Cuthbert – Brave Hero
Jason Braithwaite – Fundraising Hero
Rick & Shooting Stars – Sporting Hero

Max Reynolds – Fundraising Hero
Susan Beresford – Caring Hero
Suzanne Bryne – Caring Hero
Pamela Simpson – Volunteer Hero
Brent-James Pinder – Community Hero
Rammy Rocks – Community Hero
Casey Lynchey – Sporting Hero
Casey Jones – Sporting Hero
Lorna Jones – Volunteer Hero
Justine Wood – Family Hero
The Committee of Bury Folk Keep it Green – Community Hero


Mary Lowe (Millwood School) – Caring Hero
Lisa Street (Red Box Project) – Community Hero
Kim Jones – Professional Caring
Donna Godwin – Sporting Hero
Tom Clague (Elms Bank School) – Teaching Hero
Elms Bank (All Teachers) – Teaching Hero
Heather Nuttall (Bury Continence Team) – Professional Caring
Dawn White – Fundraising Hero
Natalie Stewart Kerr (Greenmount Wild Bird Hospital) – Caring Hero
Lorraine Roach – Community Hero
Suzanne Rooney – Commnuity Hero
Tracey Kean – Volunteer Hero
Rachel House (All staff) – Professional Caring
Alannah Carr (Chantlers) – Teaching Hero


Lyndsey (Bury Living Well Centre) – Professional Caring
Jayne Harrison (Mosses Centre Bury) – Professional Caring
Suzanne Angle (Bury Homeless Charity) – Community Hero
Hannah Allessandra (Millwood School) – Teaching Hero
David Catterall (Elizabethan Suite, Bury) – Community Hero
Mariea De Leon (Elmsbank School) – Teaching Hero
Joanne Pagliuca (Elmsbank School) – Teaching Hero
Lucy Howe (Radcliffe Primary Care Centre) – Professional Caring
Dr R Saxena (Tower Family Health Care) – Professional Caring
Lois Beresford & Neve Watt (Elton High School) – Little Fundraising
Patrick Jackson – Community/Volunteer Hero
Michelle Newns Peers – Volunteer Hero
Courtney McDonald – Teen Hero
David Griffith (Greenmount Primary) – Teaching Hero
Bruno Alex Francioli – Little/Brave
Michael Ainscoe – Community Hero


Sheila Fallon – Caring Hero
Jane Lord – Volunteer Hero
Jane Edyvean – Community Hero
Jacqui Byron – Professional Caring
Debbie Graham – Professional Caring
Lucy Howe – Professional Caring
Dr A Katagoankar – Professional Caring
Ragen Ellaway – Caring Hero
Rebecca Lord – Caring Hero
Ummrana Farooq – Community Hero
Dr Robert Stokes – Professional Caring
Laura Shaw – Community Hero
Joanne Pagliuca (Elms Bank School) – Teaching Hero
Suzanne Garforth (Woodbank Primary) – Teaching Hero
Alex Bailey – Community Hero
Leanne Turner (Bury College) – Teaching Hero


Debi Walker – Professional Caring Hero
Liz Hollick – Volunteering Hero
Jayne Harrison – Professional Caring Hero
Lucy Howe – Caring Hero
Care Team Ramsbottom Ramsbottom Junior Parkrun – Sporting Hero Award
Bennett Family – Family Hero Award
Chloe Hartley – Little Fundraising Hero
Gemma Morgan – Fundraising Hero
Terri Wild – Teaching Hero
Miss A Carr – Teaching Hero
Suzanne Angel – Volunteer Hero


Freya Collins – Little Fundraising Hero
Gail Whalley – Our Caring Hero
Zachariah Followes – Our Little Hero Award
Elizabeth Dempsey – Our Community Hero Award
David Steele – Our Community Hero Award
Bury Carers Centre – Our Professional Caring Hero Award
John Pearcey – Our Community Hero Award
Eleanor Haywood – Our Little Fundraising Hero Award
John Pearcey – Our Community Hero Award


Lindsey Allan –  Caring Hero
Ellie O’Rourke  – Little Fundraiser
Jacqui Byron – Professional Caring
Gaynor Gabriel – Family Hero
Dr A Rotowa – Professional Caring
Steven Booth – Caring Hero
Wyatt Sweeney –  Little Fundraiser
Rhiannon Walton – Community Hero

Our Pride of Bury Awards are one of the SuperJosh Teams proudest achievements, and with the help of an awesome team and some generous sponsors, we are able to help recognise and celebrate some truly special people.

How to get involved – Do you know a local hero in your community? Go to and nominate them now!

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