New ‘Man-pad’ for Max all ready for the New Year!

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New ‘Man-pad’ for Max all ready for the New Year!

We are proud to have been able to help 17 year old Max Bentley with a grant of £5,000 towards his urgently needed house adaptations.

Max lives with his Mum Julie Bentley and sister in Aundenshaw and has a spinal tumour that  recently become active again and has grown. The tumour, which is a Pilocytic Astrocytoma, is the same type  Josh had located within his brain.

Josh’s Mum Dawn said “When I first met the family with Josh Max was living & sleeping in the front room as he was no longer able to get up stairs and also had no access to the bathroom.

Julie was having to take Max on a 2 hour round trip to Christies Hospital each day for a shower but thanks to the Village Hotel in Bury, who arranged free membership for Max at their local Village Hotel in Ashton, Max could shower at his convenience.

The builders have just finished Max’s new ‘Man Pad’ house adaptation in time for Christmas & I was honoured to go and see how Josh’s Charity donation had made a such a difference to them!

I’m so proud that we’ve been able to help give Max his bedroom back along with more independence & give Julie her family space back in the lounge.

Thank you to everyone for all your ongoing donations for making this possible”

Max’s Mum Julie Bentley says “Max has gone from being fully mobile to being a full time wheelchair user in a very short time. His confidence has suffered and he has lost a lot of independence but fortunately none of his determination.

The financial support we have received from SuperJosh & his Charity will help make Max’s life so much more comfortable and help him achieve his goal of independence.

With a new smooth surface driveway and path from Max’s extension he can safely go out to meet and socialise with friends. He will also have purpose built storage for his clothes, other things and medical supplies so that he can begin to reduce his reliance on family and carers to do things. Max now has a great space to chill out with his friends and go on the Xbox”

Now that the house adaptations have been completed Max will continue to use his Village membership for physio sessions which will be a real positive help.

Many thanks to builders KP Dodd Construction Ltd, Oldham

Max’s new man-pad, which includes a fully adapted wetroom, accessible bedroom – with its own front door and alarm for independence, a new accessible driveway and ramp into the back garden

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