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Mothers Day Appeal from SuperJosh Mum, Dawn

Four months on from the sad death of Bury’s own #SuperJosh, Josh Wilson, his mum, Dawn Fidler, is launching an appeal to raise funds for the charity she and Josh set up in his name.

The Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity was set up on Josh’s 13th Birthday in August 2013. The charity has 3 aims:

  • To help families with children who have or who have had a brain tumour with advice, support & financial solutions, placing special focus on those who have also suffered post surgery disabilities
  • To help organisations and places we met along Josh’s Journey (hospitals, care centres, special schools & brain tumour awareness groups) providing support and teenage entertainment packs
  • To help raise awareness of the needs of families living with childhood brain tumours and specifically of the for improved accessible changing facilities for young people and adults who need to use them

This weekend sees the 4-month anniversary of Josh’s passing and also sees Dawn face her first mother’s day without him. Dawn, who has remained active and focussed on the charity’s work since Josh’s passing, wants to use the occasion to raise awareness of the number of requests for help the charity receives and to ask for funds to enable them to help those other families.

Dawn said “At first, I think there was a misconception that the charity was all about raising money for Josh. Josh wanted to set up the charity so that he could help others. When people asked for their donations to be spent on Josh, we had to explain that although the charity carries Josh’s name, it was set up to support other families like us who need help.”

“In our first 18-months as a registered charity, we have been able to provide financial support for 41 families and entertainment packs containing X-Boxes, TVs iPads etc to six hospitals. It is crucial to Josh’s legacy that we are able to continue to do so, despite him no longer being here himself.”

The SuperJosh Mothers Day campaign asks people to imagine being the mother of a child with a brain tumour or post-operative complications, and to consider making a donation to the charity so that they can support more mothers and their families this year.

Carol Prior, mother of Lily who has a brain tumour said “You cannot imagine what its like being told your child has a brain tumour. Even though you can hear the words, you want it all to be a bad dream. The reality is like the carpet being pulled from underneath you. In our case, not only did we have to understand and compute the situation ourselves, we also had to explain it to Lily and our other children. Having the support of The Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity has been like having someone holding your hand. They have helped us with a hospital grant, they have been there when we needed advice and just a friendly voice, and they have helped us find a way to move forwards as a family. If you are able, please do make a donation this Mothers Day so that the Charity can be there for more mums like me!

These are the ways you can donate:

  • Text SJBT13 and the amount £1, £2, £3, £4, £5, £10 (e.g. SJBT13 £5) to 70070
  • Make a donation online from the homepage of our website
  • Send a cheque made payable to The Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity to SuperJosh, Warth Business Centre, Suite 410, Warth Road, Bury, BL9 9TB
  • Email us at and we’ll send you out a standing order form so you can make a regular donation

Dawn Fidler said “Families facing situations like Carol and Lily’s and like ours are more common than you would ever dread to think. The past four months without Josh have been the most difficult of times but as a family, we are pulling through. Knowing that Josh’s charity and legacy are still needed helps us get through the dark times. We need financial support to keep Josh’s amazing dream alive. If you are able to help, please do so we can help others when they need it most.”

Pictured are Dawn and Josh

The Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity relies on the support of local people to enable to provide the services offered.

Joshua was 3 ½ when he was diagnosed with a brain stem tumour. Life-saving surgery to remove the tumour left Josh with serious post-operative complications.

On Josh’s 13th Birthday in 2013, Josh and his mum, Dawn, launched the Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity with the aim of helping other families living with childhood brain tumours and post-operative complications. The charity, The Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity, went on to raise £100,000 in its first year of existence.

From Christmas 2013 Dawn was told seven times in eight months her son only had 48 hours to live. Josh defied all odds, and turned 14 in August of 2014 but sadly died 10 weeks ago.

Since his passing, Dawn and Josh’s other family members have maintained their commitment to his Charity and have remained active and engaged with all of the charity’s supporters.

To find our more, go to our website or email us at


To make a donation to the Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity you can: –

   Donate by text: To donate £5 right now, text SJBT13 followed by £1, £2, £5 or £10 to 70070

   Donate online: visit and click on Please Donate Here

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