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More Christmas presents from SuperJosh

We were delighted and very proud to be able to donate another SuperJosh Hospital Entertainment Package on 23rd December 2015, this time to Ward 84, the Oncology Ward at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.

This amazing gift was made possible thanks to SuperJosh Charity Patron, Sacha Lord-Marchionne and his Parklife and Warehouse Project fans.


Dawn and Sacha, helped deliver stacks and stacks of gifts to Ward 84 – there were so many gifts they had to use a trolley to wheel them in!


Sacha Lord Marchionne said, “Although it’s me named as Patron of The Josh Wilson Charity, I always feel that I am the representative of our Warehouse Project and Parklife family.  I first met Dawn at the launch of the charity.  Now, everywhere I go, everybody knows about it!!”


“In the space of just over 2 years, Josh has touched so many people and brought smiles to so many faces.  I’m always waiting in anticipation, to see how much we raised. But this morning, to physically see where it went and what it enabled was a special moment.”


“It’s down to every single person, who has donated over this WHP Season that we have been able to do this. You have helped bring dozens of smiles at a time when they are most needed, thank you!”


“WHP and Parklife will always be proud to be part of Josh’s legacy. Merry Xmas Josh….I miss you mate.


Dawn Fidler said To go back to what we think of as Josh’s hospital today, so close to Christmas, was a very special thing.  To do so taking a trolley full of presents was amazing!”


“We are so proud to be able to offer our support all year round, and it’s because of the incredible support in part from Sacha and The Warehouse Project and Parklife that we are able to do so.” 


“But these gifts will last longer than Christmas, and will be of benefit to hundreds of families in the weeks and months beyond the festive season.  Thank you so much Sacha and to everyone who donated, Merry Christmas!”


sacha teen ent

Pictured Left – Right

Sacha Lord Marchionne

Dawn Fidler – Mum and Founder, Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity

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