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Mike gets on his Bike for SuperJosh

On Sunday, 3rd July, Mike Callaghan will be getting on his bike in a bid to raise funds for The Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity.


In fact, he’ll also be donning his Tri-wetsuit and running shoes at the Windermere Triathlon, taking part in a 1.5km open water swim, a 43km bike ride and a 10k run.  All of which is impressive enough in itself, but this is Mike’s first ever triathlon and he is determined to raise as much as possible for SuperJosh.



“I’ve been friends with one of The Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity’s trustees for about 10 years, and I have heard so many wonderful things about what Josh, and the charity in general, has achieved in a short space of time. I just knew I had to be involved, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.”


Despite never doing anything on this scale before, Mike is looking forward to the event and challenging himself mentally and physically to achieve it.  He said, “Everyone involved with the charity works so hard, I just feel like a little tiny grain of sand in comparison, but I am delighted to be able to contribute and hopefully make a slight difference somewhere along the way.”


To date Mike has raised just over £300 with Gift Aid contributions, but he’s hoping to reach the £500 by the end of the weekend.


Dawn, Josh’s Mum and co-founder of the charity said, “What Mike is doing is amazing, and a little bonkers, but he has such enthusiasm I know he’ll do just fine. The money he has raised so far is enough to cover one of our hospital grants, so will make a huge difference to a family whose child is in hospital receiving treatment.”


With the weather looking favourable for the event on Sunday Mike is confident he will make good time, although is interested to see how the swimming section will go.  “Training over the last four months has gone well, but you can’t prepare for a swimming start with over 380 other people on staggered starts, so that might take some getting used to”, he said.


You can contribute to Mike’s fundraising page via Virgin Money.


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