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Max Bentley – House Adaptations

We were having a ground floor bedroom and wet room extension built for Max at home and had found out that the grant from the council wasn’t enough. I had given up work to look after Max and my daughter was on an apprentice wage so there was no way we could meet the shortfall ourselves. We were devastated at the prospect that Max’s extension might not go ahead; Max had been sleeping, first on the couch in the living room, then on a hospital bed for the previous three months; he hadn’t been able to use any bathroom facilities either as he couldn’t get upstairs. At this time Max was 16 and a half. He had been diagnosed with a spinal cord tumour in 2008 and had recently suffered a relapse. As a result of the treatments and surgery he was now unable to walk.

A friend, who also knew Dawn, suggested I contact her. I had never heard of the Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Foundation and didn’t really know what to expect. Our experiences with charities hadn’t been brilliant as we felt that we had to jump through numerous hoops in order to get Max’s story heard. With Dawn it was so different. We chatted on the phone, she came with Josh to visit Max in hospital and she was in constant touch via email and text.

Max was over the moon when he found out that Josh’s charity would support his extension and provide the last bit of funding we needed.  I was even more chuffed when Dawn presented me and Max with a membership to The Village hotel locally so that we could make use of the disabled shower facilities in the interim whilst waiting for the extension to be completed.

This made such a huge difference to our lives. Not only was Max able to get his bedroom and wet room done, he was also able to relax in the shower and we got our living room back! Josh made such a difference to Max, I am forever grateful for the help we got.

Julie Bentley, Max’s Mum

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