Making a splash with hydrotherapy

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Making a splash with hydrotherapy

As well as providing equipment and resources where possible for our families, we also help them access a wide variety of therapies. Last week we mentioned hydrotherapy, and we are currently supporting 3 year old Theo who has a brain tumour and post-surgery disabilities to benefit from this wonderful activity.


His mum Natalie told us how much he’s getting from his hydrotherapy sessions with us.

“He’s absolutely loving it and he’s definitely improving since having the regular hydrotherapy sessions he’s not only gained confidence in being in the water but he’s now started using both his legs equally in the pool and the exercise is building his strength especially on the weakened side. I feel that the regular sessions have helped Theo immensely and people have commented on how much he’s improving. It has also made me feel better that he is getting the therapy he needs to regain the strength on his weak side. I notice he mentions swimming everyday now because he likes it so much. Thank you SuperJosh for making it possible.”


For the last few months we have been involved with the Co-op 1% rewards programme and we have just received a whopping £3, 050 donation from them. Thank you to all the members who shop at Greenmount, Holcombe Brook and Tottington Co-ops for choosing your 1% to go to SuperJosh!


This money is going to make an amazing difference to the families we help and support as well as a local children’s hospital ward.


This weekend we’ll be down at the Rock Night hosted by Charisse at Woodbank Cricket Club. Thank you again for arranging this for us, we’re sure it’s going to be an amazing night.  Next week we will also be involved in the Forever Bury Beer Festival, which is one of the highlights of the Bury events calendar. We look forward to seeing so many of you down there, and hope you’ll enjoy a refreshing pint of Josh’s Outstanding Ale.


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