Joshua-A Tribute to an Inspirational Cheeky Chappie

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Joshua-A Tribute to an Inspirational Cheeky Chappie

Joshua- A Tribute to an Inspirational Cheeky Chappie

by Caroline Hirst Joshs teacher at Elms Bank Special School.

A few years ago, when we were in the midst of the summer term I was given a list of my class (which was called Beech) for the following year. One of the names on that list was Joshua Wilson. I had spent some time with Josh already but knew him mainly because of his reputation. Joshua was well known for many things, but I was already aware that he was a cheeky chappie, a ladies man and was a bit of a comedian. Sounded like a great combination for a great year to come.

Luckily Josh ended up in my class for two whole years. He was obviously very patient, but he would always love a bit of a gossip along with playing various tricks on the staff. He was a great friend to everyone in school and such a popular student with staff too. Josh gave us so many laughs that I’ve lost count…his wide awake snoring trick would tell us that he was getting bored and his cheeky wink for his nurses and physio staff were always well appreciated.

Josh loved his music and messy activities. He also loved a bit of Drama and listening in to other peoples conversations. Whilst pretending to be asleep his thumb would often pop up and he would break into laughter as he listened to the latest dose of ‘juicy gossip’. Josh was an inspiration to us all, we are so lucky to have known him and we know he had a great time with everyone at Elms Bank. His family have supported him and have given him the will to smile throughout every challenge he has come up against. Thanks Josh for teaching us all a thing or two about inspiring others and for keeping us smiling for so long. We’re all so so proud of you.

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