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It’s the start of summer

Now the kids have broken up from school, it’s officially the start of summer.  Six long weeks of quieter roads, fewer traffic jams (we can hope) and lie ins.
Regardless of any of that, one thing we do know is we’re going to have a Super Summer of Fun!


This weekend we’re going to be at The Rock as part of their Summer Event, so pop on down if you get a chance.
Our team are also going to be manning the stand at Festwich in Prestwich, which is always an amazing event.

Our Supporters

The team at DTE are taking on a 27 mile challenge walking the Pennine Way
James at Square Peg Recruitment is taking part in Tough Mudder this weekend (not the ideal way to celebrate a Birthday!) and has donated a framed Manchester United shirt signed by Alex Ferguson & the whole 2014 team, which we will be auctioning in August as part of our 4th Birthday Celebrations.

Thank you!

Thank you to George, 15 from Huddersfield who smashed the Yorkshire 3 Peaks last week raising a massive £1,100 to help fund the adaptation work needed to bring 2 year old Ben home from hospital. This is a massive achievement and we are all so grateful.

Some words from Lu

No doubt many of you have met, or at least spoken to Lu, our Family Support and Fundraising Co-ordinator.  This week I handed over my Bury Times blog to her, and here’s what she had to say:
“I’ve known Dawn for a little over three years now, and like many, I’ve often been awed by her passion, determination and her uncrushable spirit. Josh was our SuperJosh, but she is our Super Woman.

Sometimes though, even Super Woman has a little wobble, because underneath it all, she’s just a Mum who misses her boy more than any of my words could do justice to.

Last week was a tough one, perhaps slightly more than usual.

Social media was filled, as it should be, with photos of Bury’s school leavers, celebrating the end of one era, and looking forward to the next chapter of their journey. In three weeks we’ll be celebrating what would have been Josh’s 17th Birthday, but there are no end of school photos for him.

It’s something far too many parents have to face – the losses of all the milestones, and the ache that brings.

I know all Josh’s family, friends and loved ones feel these events, and the pain (and sometimes smiles) they bring are all part of the journey as we carry on. The thing that always strikes me with Josh’s charity is the acceptance and understanding that every child’s and family’s journey is unique to them.

This was so clear at the Ward 84 party we went to on Sunday. An amazing event, packed with facepainters, balloon modellers, Disney princesses and even the occasional superhero, the rooms were filled with laughter, music and smiles. This annual event celebrates the children who are still undergoing treatment, and those who have successfully completed their latest round of chemotherapy.

But a quiet corner was respectfully set aside for all the children that couldn’t be there, the ones who had grown their wings and whose loss is an ever present reminder of how important it is to grab those smiles whilst you can.

Stepping in to The Angel Room is a deeply moving experience, and for once, something that knocked our own Super Woman for six. For many, a photo of their precious child was a way for them to be present and part of the celebrations, for Dawn, it was too much.

It’s hard to say what sparked another wobble, but as an outsider looking in, I think it’s purely down to the way we approach life without Josh. We are all about the colour, the smiles, and the thumbs up. We know SuperJosh is everywhere, his legacy helps every day, and it felt wrong him being set to one side in a quiet room. Miles away from the cake. His photo had to come down.

The Angel room is precious in a beautiful way, but just wasn’t right for him.

Grief is a never-ending journey, and everyone walks it differently.”

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