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How your money helps SuperJosh

January is the time of year we all think about setting goal and making plans for the next 12 months. As such, it’s a great time to tell you about our goals, and let you know how you can help the SuperJosh team achieve them.
As you know, the families we support often have to fund major alterations to their homes, specialist equipment and adapted vehicles. As a charity we provide financial help where it’s needed most for these families, as well as supporting with counselling sessions and creating happy memories for all family members.
We are also proud to be able to support hospitals within the area by providing arts, crafts and entertainment packages. These packages provide children of all ages with things to do whilst they are in hospital, especially the older children, and is something the NHS simply cannot afford to fund. While many will remember these hospitals at this time of year, it is our job to ensure they have everything they need throughout 2017.
Any money we receive is always appreciated, and here’s an idea of what the money we receive goes towards.

£5 will fund 2 packs of batteries for hospital toys to be able to played with.

£25 will fund an portable sats monitor.

£50 will fund a portable DVD player.

£100 Will provide a counselling session at a time when emotional support is vital.
£150 Will help fund a magical family day out creating special memories to remember and make sure siblings don’t miss out on special time also.
£250 Will provide a family with a hospital expenses grant, which can help fund parking, accommodation and meals whilst their child is receiving treatment.
£500 Will provide a young person with an iPad to help with their communication needs, as well as providing a family support session with one of our counsellors.
£1,000 Will provide an expenses grant to a family travelling to America for Proton Therapy. This allows siblings and other immediate family to visit Oklahoma or Kentucky to be with their loved one while they undergo treatment.
£2,000 Will provide a hospital ward with one of our SuperJosh Entertainment packages. These are geared towards young teens and include iPads, DVD players, Xboxes, games and other electronic play material. You and your team will be able to visit the hospital with us when we make the presentation of this wonderful gift and feature in our social media and press releases.
You can donate now by visiting:
Or send a cheque to:
The Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity
Europa House
Barcroft Street
Bury, BL9 5BT

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