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Happy Birthday, Josh!

It’s 17 years today since our amazing boy Josh was born, and if I’m honest it’s hard to know what to say.

Birthdays have always been a huge thing for our family, with everyone making a big deal of every milestone and relishing the opportunity to have a party. Josh certainly loved being the centre of attention.

Some special memories that I have are, on his 3rd birthday we had a party at Pilsworth Wacky Warehouse. Josh was so advanced with his drawing and writing, but he was a bit slower taking up with climbing. This day though he decided to show off, and climbed all the way to the top of the play frames by himself. He was so proud. As all the children sat down for their party food, the staff encouraged them all to bang on the table and shout “we want food, we want food”. Of course, Josh loved it and quickly became convinced this was what he had to do for every meal time. It drove me mad!

We’d always celebrated Josh’s birthdays, but after he was diagnosed it became even more important. It’s a sad reality but children with special needs and disabilities often find themselves excluded from parties, and we definitely saw a dramatic decrease in the number of invites Josh received after his surgery. Making sure his parties were fabulous and the envy of everyone else became a bit of a mission for us all.

For his 9th birthday we had a jungle themed party, complete with different gazebos and netting and buckets of slime for children to play with. Everyone dressed up and someone bought us an amazing snake cake. It was so much fun.

Josh turned 13 just after we launched the charity, and that’s when we had our first party in Heaton Park with friends and family. It was a beautiful day and it was really great having so much fun, and one of Josh’s social media follower friends came all the way from Liverpool with the most amazing superhero cake as a surprise!

Josh’s last party was held at The Village Hotel, and marked him turning 14 and the first year of the charity.  I don’t know any other 14 year old who had over 200 guests at his party and it was a huge celebration and he loved it.  We didn’t know for certain, but we had almost resigned ourselves to the fact this would be his last birthday with us and we made it as amazing and as special as we could.
Memories that we now have to treasure forever.

It will be a very tough day for us all, but it would be impossible to not celebrate 10th August as Josh’s birthday. Everything about Josh’s life was, and still is, a cause for celebration. We’re going to be on The Rock throughout the day with a Super Hero themed event, and then back to Heaton Park on Saturday for another party in the park.

We hope to see as many of you as possible, and remember, have a large slice of cake to celebrate our boy. Finally as we have always said let there be no sad tears, only happy tears remembering our amazing boy xx

As always, there’s lots going on with the charity and our supporters are still doing loads to raise money and awareness to help us.

A group of employees from Cheetham Hill Construction, a Bury based civil engineering company are giving the Yorkshire Three Peaks a crack. Given the maximum walking distance many of them have confessed to completing each week amounts to walking to the car, then walking 10m to the office. It’s safe to say this challenge is definitely going to be that!


We are so grateful to them for thinking of Josh’s charity to support, especially during his birthday month.  To date they’ve raised £735 (including Gift Aid) and we hope all goes well and you get round in your target of under 12 hours!


If you’ve got anything you’re doing at the moment that you would like us to shout about for Josh, do get in touch!


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