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Grahams Driver Training Supports Super Josh

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As an initial fundraiser for SuperJosh GDT will be donating £20 from all of our new clients who quote ‘SUPERJOSH’ on their initial booking.

All of which sounds far more safer than the ..”You could jump out of a plane for us” that was first suggested when I asked how GDT can help.

The Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity is a Bury-based charitable organisation that offers hope, advice, support and financial solutions to children with brain tumours and post-surgery disabilities.      

Josh with his mum

Graham Evans said ‘Over the coming months I hope to update you with other events, I have one in my head but its all about getting it off the ground, so some brains may be picked first’

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Joshua Wilson (aka SuperJosh!) was diagnosed with a brain tumour at the age of just three and a half. Life saving brain surgery left Josh in a coma before he started his journey to recovery.
The surgery was very complicated due to the location of the tumour on the brain stem and unfortunately left Josh with complex physical needs, scoliosis, epilepsy, joint problems and a brain injury. Josh can no longer communicate verbally but his cheeky personality shines through in his facial expressions and simple signs such as the thumbs-up, which is where the inspiration for the charity’s logo and “thumbraisers” came from.
Josh requires round the clock care for his needs but he and his parents are determined to have a happy, positive outlook on life. This means that Josh leads as much of a normal as he can, socialising and going to school. Josh now helps other children with brain tumours and post-surgery disabilities through the charity.
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