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Gracie Greenwood – Palliative Support

We started supporting Gracie’s parents, Lauren & Zak shortly after Gracie was diagnosed in 2016.

Sadly, when she was 20 months old, Gracie passed away.  Our team were on hand to help in any way the family wished in the lead up to, and during Gracie’s funeral.

This meant we coordinated her parents’ wishes with the funeral directors, paid for her funeral casket, donated constant on standby counselling support via Zoe, who was with the family all day.

We decorated the crematorium and grounds with pink ribbons for Gracie and many people came and told us how beautiful and human it looked – perfect for their little girl.

We facilitated a non-religious funeral celebrant to take the service due to no one being available for the family and created a slide show of images and videos to be played during the service.

We gained all the tech needed for the service, all donated by local businesses and supporter and arranged to have special pink SJ T-shirts donated and made for the 3 of our team attending, so we fitted with the requested colour scheme.

We collected the special cakes made for Gracie’s family and decorated the venue with photos of Gracie, with her family and her 8 week baby brother and ensured it was ready with no hiccups.

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