Garden Make Over Means the World to Ethan!

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Garden Make Over Means the World to Ethan!

The very kind folk at Aaron /Woodhouse Landscaping /property maintenance are delivering a garden makeover that is simply life changing to one of our very special families. The work couldn’t take place without generous donations from Financial Options Group.

Ethan, 15 lives in Denton Manchester with his mum Claire. Ethan was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2008 and due to this has almost lost his sight. Ethan is supported by his four-legged friend, guide dog Chaz. Ethan loves to be outside, but has struggled to be able to do this in his own garden. Ethan and Claire’s garden is currently on different levels with no special handrails or supports to make it safe for Ethan to spend time in it. The flag stones that currently make up the garden space are wobbly and uneven.

We knew that making this space more user friendly for Ethan, Chas and Claire would mean a better quality of life for the whole family. This is why we joined forces with Aaron, his team and Financial Options Group and agreed to make a BIG difference to this family’s home!

Christian Pepper, Founder of Financial Options Group said: “Dawn, you and your team are amazing… it is a pleasure to support you as always. The positive impact you make is incredible.”

This garden make over is expected to take 5 days, we will bring you updates each day on how the new garden is shaping up!

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Day 1
Today Aaron ripped out the old uneven flag stones. On the lower level they will using reclaimed sleepers with steps but making them more accessible and safer – they will also be laying a premium artificial lawn.

Day 2
Reclaimed sleepers went in today along with a safety bannister and steps. The team are making sure the levels are correct ahead of tomorrow’s paving going in.

Day 3

The Harvest Indian Stone paving goes in today! Really coming together even though the weather is against them!

Day 4
The Indian Stone paving has been done! Now onto prepping the artificial lawn area! Can’t wait to see Ethan and Claire’s faces when they see the finished garden! Worth every bit of this hard work!

Day 5 – Finished!

Another garden makeover complete! The artificial lawn has gone in today and we are FINISHED! What a transformation! We are so very grateful to Aaron and his team for making this life changing project a reality for Ethan and Claire – we just know they will love this space and enjoy lots of happy times out here.

Garden make overs are just one of the ways we provide practical support to our families in need. Find out more about how we help here.

This is what Ethan thought of his amazing new garden!:

And here’s Ethan and Chaz in their new garden!

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