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Team SuperJosh delivered a hospital entertainment package to Fairfield Hospital shortly before Christmas 2015.

Our entertainment packs are specifically aimed at children aged 13 and contain items such as X-Boxes, TVs and iPads. We know that in providing these, we are filling an important gap that the NHS simply cannot fund.

Teenagers in hospitals often fall in between two services – they are too old for traditional child entertainment, but need more stimulation than that which is provided on an adult ward.

We are delighted to be able to donate this much needed entertainment package to the Children’s Ward at Fairfield Hospital. This has been funded through donations from our shoppers over the summer period to the Joshua Wilson Brian Tumour Charity via events at the centre.

It means a lot to us here at The Rock to be able to help people in the local community through our partnership with this charity and we would like to say a huge thank you to our customers and The Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity for making this happen.

Linzi Atkinson, Marketing and Tennant Liaison Office

The Rock

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