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Everest for SuperJosh

Francis Nock and James Doughty, two friends from the Midlands, have set off on an intrepid adventure all in the name of SuperJosh.

On Friday 7 November, Francis Nock and James Doughty flew to Nepal to trek a section of Mt Everest. Their aim is to reach Base Camp which stands at 17,500 feet, however, they will climb higher if time and conditions allow.

Francis and James, who are friends of the Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity Chair, Keith Fraser, have set themselves a fundraising target of £1,500 which will allow the Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour charity to provide a Teenage Hospital Entertainment Package to Newcross Hospital, Wolverhampton.

The pair have used the ‘GoFundMe’ website to raise money and to update fans on their progress. Earlier today, they posted the following update:

“James reached & smashed base camp, reaching 18,192 feet or 5545 metres, it was pretty cold and very windy and he felt far from great at this altitude.

Francis did amazing getting as far as he did but suffered altitude sickness so he didn’t get as high but he still achieved more than most of us would have done!!”


Dawn Fidler, Mum and Founder of the Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity, said “Our charity, and our ability to fulfil Josh’s legacy, are entirely dependent on members of the public helping us to raise funds.”

“We are well-used to asking people to help us, but no-one has ever offered to climb Everest for us before. James and Francis have certainly raised the bar – you’ve done an amazing thing boys, thank you!”

Pictured – James and Francis on Everest

The Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity relies on the support of local people to enable to provide the services offered.

Joshua was 3 ½ when he was diagnosed with a brain stem tumour. Life-saving surgery to remove the tumour left Josh with serious post-operative complications.

On Josh’s 13th Birthday in 2013, Josh and his mum, Dawn, launched the Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity with the aim of helping other families living with childhood brain tumours and post-operative complications. The charity, The Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity, has raised over £250,000 since its inception.

From Christmas 2013 Dawn was told seven times in eight months her son only had 48 hours to live. Josh defied all odds, and turned 14 in August of 2014 but sadly died in November.

Since his passing, Dawn and Josh’s other family members have maintained their commitment to his Charity and have remained active and engaged with all of the charity’s supporters.

To find our more, go to our website www.joshwilson.org.uk or email us hello@joshwilson.org.uk

To make a donation to the Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity you can: –
  Donate by text: To donate £5 right now, text SJBT13 followed by £1, £2, £5 or £10 to 70070
  Donate online: visit www.joshwilson.org.uk and click on Please Donate Here

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