Counselling; an essential service for our SuperJosh families

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Counselling; an essential service for our SuperJosh families

Team SuperJosh provide essential support packages around our families going through traumatic and life-threatening illnesses.

We help with a whole range of help options, one of the most important is our counselling support. SuperJosh Counsellor; Zoe Hanwell-Purves explains why this service is more important now than ever:

“One group of people who are quite familiar with social distancing is the families whose children have such poor immune systems that even a basic cold can set them back and threaten their health. For them life continues with the same worries and the same threats that we are just opening our eyes to. Only now they don’t have the chance of meeting up with that mum they met on the ward or nipping out just to get some headspace and escape from the constant worry and anxiety of their child’s health. They can’t have grandparents around to offer some respite or go and have their hair done or play some sport. Their lives are like ours but just a little bit worse, because the things we have taken for granted can be lifelines for a parent with a poorly child.

 SuperJosh is suffering just like every other charity at the moment, our fundraising has stopped with no idea of when it will be able to start again. The things the Charity has always tried to do to help have had to be put on hold until fundraising can start again. The one thing we are continuing to do though is offer our support through counselling, to be that outstretched hand to those who need us now more than ever.

I am conducting all my counselling sessions over the phone and am only a text or phone call away outside arranged sessions for when our parents are having a particularly bad day or need a friend.

This essential support will continue for as long as there are funds available, my own donation to the charity is providing the service at a much discounted rate to help as many people as we can, each session requires planning, counselling time and then writing up time, something that would cost around £40-£60 for an hour session if done privately.

If you would like to make a donation in lieu of that night out you would have had, that haircut you would have paid for or that shopping trip you would have gone on it will help a parent whose life will still be filled with worry and anxiety long after we are all allowed to start enjoying the things we normally do again.

£20 will pay for one hour of counselling, if you can afford that it would be wonderful, if not anything you can spare will be gratefully received by those who are walking a very differently path to the rest of us.”

Zoe is a qualified Counsellor who has worked with many of our families for over two years, Zoe works cross the whole of the North West, before the Coronavirus pandemic Zoe would visit families in their homes, at Royal Manchester, Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and Hospices or local hotels, wherever the family feels most comfortable.

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