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Blackpool to Bury – where your money went

Just over three months ago on Mother’s Day a team of 37 of us took on the ultra-challenge of walking 36 miles from Blackpool to Bury.


Starting at the Windmill in Blackpool and finishing at Woodbank Cricket Club, the epic route took us through Preston, Belmont and Bolton before we finally crawled back into Bury.


Wow it was tough, and there were lots of blisters, swollen ankles and sores for weeks after!


The sense of achievement within our team was overwhelming, and not only did we raise lots of awareness on that day for Josh’s Charity, but the team have worked really hard fundraising and have smashed £10,000!


A massive well done to everyone who took part, helped make the day possible and who generously donated towards our teams fundraising.

Our Blackpool to Bury walkers

We always shout about people who have raised money for us, or donated, but it’s important to me that we share how this money is used to help our families and supports our work.


Here are just some of the ways that the Blackpool to Bury Team fundraising has helped:


When 20 month old Gracie passed away, we were able to provide her family with counselling, support on the day of her funeral and we paid for her coffin.


You may remember a few weeks ago me talking about Theo who was enjoying his hydrotherapy sessions.  We have provided a course of 10 sessions, worth £650.


We’ve provided six families with hospital expenses grants worth £250 each, and have also helped with mortgage payments during times of crisis, at £500 each.


Our counselling support sessions have been provided to eight of our families, whilst also providing on site hospital and home parent support groups sessions to those who wish to access them.


We’ve also provided 9 year old Josh with an electronic drum set. It may seem like an odd gift, but Josh, who has a brain tumour is learning to release stress and frustration, and the drumming is a huge part of this.


Lisa Humphreys, Josh’s Mum who also took part in the walk told us

“SuperJosh is one of the most amazing charities, they have helped us with so many of our son’s needs and emotional needs we can’t thank them enough. Without the help of SuperJosh I’m not sure who we would turn to, thank you”


Lysha Holmes, another of our wonderful Mums, added:

“I have never done an endurance walk before but I felt this was the perfect challenge to myself! But the reality kicked in as we drove up to Blackpool on the morning as I realised just how far 36 miles was. My training walks were a combination of endurance up steep hills and longer walks but max to 14 miles. On the day, my first 14 miles were accompanied by Dawn and others at a similar pace- a poignant  moment when we reached the 14 mile mark – my pain point was 15-20 miles and reaching the 20 mile mark was significant to me. I actually walked the last 16 miles alone and have to say that I have never dug so deep. I felt such elation as I reached the end and my body didn’t know what had hit it. My highlight was going live on Facebook and raising £300 in the 5 minutes I was live. Thanks to all of my amazing sponsors.”


Every single one of you who walked, supported, helped out or donated (whether that was supplies, your time or money) has made a huge difference to so many lives.  None of us can thank you enough, but know the SuperJosh Team is always so grateful.

You guys are amazing.




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