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Bake a Cake for SuperJosh’s Sake

Global Bake Artists have come together to create cakes to raise awareness of the #SuperJosh charity.

This Collaboration was pulled by together by one of Josh’s loyal Twitter followers, Michelle Robinson of Norfolk.

To mark the First Anniversary of Josh’s death, Michelle, of Spotty Cake Tin, brought together bakers from all over the world to create amazing cake creations, all in the name of Josh. To date, 27 Cake Artists from 8 different countries (UK, Canada, USA, Malta, Portugal, Lebanon, Slovakia and South Africa) have taken part in the project.

Collaborations are used in the cake community to bring sugar artists together in order to create something or to mark an anniversary.

Michelle said, “Having previously hosted cake bakes to raise funds, I wanted to host a collaboration to take fundraising through cake baking to another level. The theme of Superheroes was an obvious choice due to Josh’s love of them – and of cake!”

 £153 has been raised so far through a Go Fund Me fundraising page, and it is hoped that the eventual total will near £1,000. However, the true value of the project comes not only through the money donated today, but also from the profile projects like this raise throughout the UK and now much further beyond!

Dawn Fidler, Mum and Founder of the Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity, said “Josh would have absolutely loved this project. I am so touched that the cake / sugar craft community has got behind this idea and taken #SuperJosh international – it’s amazing!”

 “Thank you to all of those who have been involved so far, and to all of those who get involved in the future”

 To make a donation to the Baking for SuperJosh Project, please visit To get involved in the collaboration please go to the facebook page

Pictured – A collage of the cakes entered in the Cake-a-thon so far

The Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity relies on the support of local people to enable to provide the services offered.

Joshua was 3 ½ when he was diagnosed with a brain stem tumour. Life-saving surgery to remove the tumour left Josh with serious post-operative complications.

On Josh’s 13th Birthday in 2013, Josh and his mum, Dawn, launched the Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity with the aim of helping other families living with childhood brain tumours and post-operative complications. The charity, The Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity, has raised over £250,000 since its inception.

From Christmas 2013 Dawn was told seven times in eight months her son only had 48 hours to live. Josh defied all odds, and turned 14 in August of 2014 but sadly died in November.

Since his passing, Dawn and Josh’s other family members have maintained their commitment to his Charity and have remained active and engaged with all of the charity’s supporters.

To find our more, go to our website or email us

To make a donation to the Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity you can: –
  Donate by text: To donate £5 right now, text SJBT13 followed by £1, £2, £5 or £10 to 70070
  Donate online: visit and click on Please Donate Here

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