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Ava Le Blanc – iPad

Team SuperJosh helped Santa give four year old Ava from Bury, an early Christmas present – an iPad!

Ava, who has a brain tumour, has already spent a lot of her young life in hospital, and her stays were made more bearable when a family member let her their iPad. The iPad, and the learning apps that are available, have been a real help with her development, especially for shape recognition and completing puzzles.

Dawn said “Having spent so much time in hospital with Josh we know how important it is to fill this gap that the NHS simply cannot fund.”

The iPad was funded as a result of donations raised at The Rock, via their shoppers and members of staff.

Ava has been asking for her own iPad since being lent one and SuperJosh’s charity has made her wish come true. The iPad will help Ava with her development and learning as there are numerous learning apps that can be downloaded to aid this. 

“In addition to this, Ava still has many hospital appointments that she has to go to, we can now bring the iPad with us to help keep Ava occupied while she is there. Thank you very much to The Rock and to SuperJosh” Charlene Le Blanc, Ava’s Mum

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