All steam ahead for 2016!

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All steam ahead for 2016!

As this is our first blog of 2016, on behalf of Josh’s charity, we would just like to wish all our readers and supporters a very happy new year! I hope it is a happy and healthy for you all.

If you have been affected by the terrible effects of the recent flooding, as so many people have, then we hope things get back to normal for you as soon as possible. Dawn, Josh’s granddad John and a few other supporters picked up their mops and buckets and leant a helping hand over in Irwell Vale in the days following the flooding. The sense of community spirit and pulling together has been amazing to see, and the strength people who have been affected by it have shown is inspiring. It makes you proud to be from Bury.

We have just found out how much money has been raised courtesy of The Rock and everyone who made donations to the festive landtrain in the run-up to Christmas. In total we have received £1,854.70 which is amazing and a great start to our 2016 campaign.

Over the Christmas period we have been busy piloting a new counselling and support service which has been on hand for families to access when they needed. We know all too well that the festive time can be an even trickier one for those with children who are unwell, undergoing treatment or require a hospital stay. We are looking to roll this service out throughout 2016 and will of course keep you updated.

Finally, our plan for the next 12 months — to keep growing our work, ensuring that we can help as many children and their families as possible. There are so many different ways that we do this, but one of the more obvious is providing hospital grants to cover expenses such as loss of wages, travel, parking charges and even the cost of food whilst a child is an in-patient.

We can only provide such grants with the help of our supporters and fundraisers, and I am delighted to say that we already have a lot of events booked in for this year.

Many supporters are doing their own activities, such as marathons and skydives, but stay tuned to our website for any events that we are organising or are taking part in. To find out how you can get involved email us at

We look forward to seeing what 2016 brings for us all.

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