A message from Joshs Parents Dawn & Colin

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A message from Joshs Parents Dawn & Colin

We are totally devastated by the loss of our boy who passed away peacefully at home on Monday evening and are immensely proud of his strength and determination to make everyone around him happy.

We are missing him so much already but he’s sleeping peacefully now and no longer has to suffer the pain and discomfort he’s lived with for so many years.

We will never be able to say a big enough thank you to all our family, friends and everyone who has touched Joshs life for all the love, generosity and support they have given us over the last 10 and a half years of Joshs journey.

Josh was so proud of his charity and all the fun events and being able to help other children have been a massive drive to keep him going since we were first told he was passing last Christmas.

Rest in peace big man, we love & miss you so much. Thank you for everything you’ve given to us, you’ve inspired the world with your smile & strength and will always be remembered xxx

Dawn & Colin – Joshs Mum & Dad

Joshua Jon Wilson
10-08- 2000 to 03-11-2014

Details of a Celebration of his life will be available shortly

Media – please contact hello@joshwilson.org.uk
@journeyjoshuas @superjcharity

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