Ian HodgsonTrustee & Chair

    “I became aware of the charity initially through my direct relationship with Dawn, and got to meet Josh at a number of events.

    It became clear very quickly of the significant support that families require when faced with a child diagnosed with brain cancer, from emotional support through to financial support, not least of all for transportation and residence modification.

    Dawn tirelessly campaigned to achieve these things directly and the stress and anxiety it caused was plain to see, and the duration of time seemed interminable.

    The Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity seeks to assist with all of these things and so much more, the addition of a counselling service gives great advice. If Dawn had benefited from a similar charity I am sure it would have made a tremendous difference to how she could have coped differently.

    Families greatly need the support that this charity offers at every stage of their journeys, such is why I am proud to support the charity in every way I can.”

    • Ian is a senior managing director for a multi-billion dollar corporation operating within the fire and security Industry.
    • With a proven record of achieving successful, working environments by driving growth, and improving efficiency.
    • Ian has in-depth sales and operational experience, with an ability to analyse and process information in order to make informed, timely decisions, to achieve strategic objectives.
    • He has strong financial acumen, consistently delivering to budgeted expectations.
    • Ian is experienced in company acquisitions.
    • He is a change management practitioner.
    • Ian holds a number of qualifications, most recent is his Masters Degree in Business, all help him provide great support and advice for the charity.
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