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Pride of Bury Awards 2020 – Now Open for Nominations!

Nominations are now OPEN for The Pride of Bury Awards 2020.

Since starting in 2014, in memory of my Josh (AKA SuperJosh) local heroes of all ages are celebrated at these annual awards.

The awards are split into 14 categories and are the culmination of months of nominations and votes by local people.

Dawn Fidler, Founder of The Pride of Bury Awards “This year we’d like to make sure that everyone who is nominated gets recognition, so we have decided to publish their names regularly via our website”

Since opening the 2020 awards in January, the following people have been nominated and we would like to recognise and congratulate them!

Jacqui Selby –  Professional Caring Hero
Alex Pullan –  Fundraising Hero
Paul Denney  –  Community Hero
Katie Highland  –  Teen Hero
Jo Fry  – Community Hero
Ann Buckley  –  Fundraising Hero
Janine Donovan  –  Caring Hero
Carl Simmons  –  Family Hero Award
Early Break (the whole Team)  – Professional Caring Hero

Neve Morgan – Little Fundraising Hero
Casey Lynchey – Community Hero
Craig Priestly – Professional Caring Hero
Sarah Schofield – Professional Caring Hero
Jacqui Selby – Professional Caring Hero

Sue Tickle – Sporting Hero
Gemma Philburn – Professional Caring
Red Tiger Karate Club – Teaching Hero
Rachael & Paul Wolstencroft – Teaching Hero
Ummrana Farooq – Community Hero
Craig Hindle – Community Hero
Tina Harrison – Community Hero
Samia Farid – Community Hero
Alex Pullan – Fundraising Hero

Katie  Sorfleet – Volunteer Hero
Simon Kluj- Community Hero
Jack Rogerson – Community Hero
Hector Cohen – little hero

Dave Bradshaw – Teaching Hero
All Teachers at Holcombe Primary School – Teaching Hero
Helen Coverdale – Fundraising Hero
Melita Cassar – Community Hero
Debra Sodano Mills – Professional Caring Hero
Erin & Erica Edwards – Little Fundraising Hero
Jodie Segal & Fiona Higson – Brave Hero

Joby Lamb – Community Hero
Tom Finkill  – Community Hero
Jacky Dean – Family Hero
Louise Isherwood – Community Hero
Debra Sodano – Professional Caring Hero
Jed Fry – Community Hero
Caroline Price – Community Hero
Lucy Jackson – Little Hero
Brent James Pinder – Community Hero
Ayesha Arif – Volunteer Hero

Leanne Turner  –  Teaching Hero
Jayne Harrison – Professional Caring Hero
Debbie Graham  – Professional Caring Hero
Jacqui Byron – Professional Caring Hero
Isis Holland – Professional Caring Hero
Sarah Schofield – Professional Caring Hero
Tom Finkill  – Community Hero
Tina Harrison  – Community Hero
Jodie Natasha Segal  – Brave Hero
Ashley Reece & Fusefit Everest Team  – Sporting Hero
Martin Stembridge  –  Volunteer Hero

Eleanor Lock – Professional Caring Hero
Falcon & Griffin Extra Care Scheme – Professional Caring Hero
Julie Porter – Sporting Hero
Helen Vernon – Professional Caring Hero
Tina Harrison – Volunteer Hero
Matt Grundy – Teaching Hero
Laura Duff – Community Hero
Una Crowley – Community Hero
Neve Anderton – Little Hero
Jackie Griffiths – Volunteer Hero
Kelly Judd – Professional Caring
Isla Hutton – Little Hero
David Hutton – Caring Hero

Our Pride of Bury Awards are one of the SuperJosh Team’s proudest achievements, and with the help of an awesome team and some generous sponsors, we are able to help recognise and celebrate some truly special people.

How to get involved – Do you know a local hero in your community? Go to and nominate them now!


Please Note: Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic – this year’s awards are being postponed until 2021. 


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