SuperJosh Charity

Registered Charity No 1151518

We are very proud to have recently registered our Charity and are excited that Josh can now give help & hope to children with brain tumours & post surgery disabilities with advice, support & financial solutions.
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About Josh

Joshua Wilson aka SuperJosh was a very happy normal 3 and a half year old when he was diagnosed with his tumour; lifesaving brain surgery left Joshua in a coma for 3 months before he then started his recovery in rehab - the complicated surgery due to the location of the brain stem left him with complex physical needs, epilepsy, scoliosis, joint problems and an acquired brain injury.

Where will your Donations go?

Your support and donations will help Joshs Charity improve the lives of children with brain tumours & post surgery disabilities, with through financial solutions for specialist equipment, house adaptations and advice.

Please show your support by donating or getting involved as a Thumbraiser!

Why we need Donations

Colin & Dawn, Josh's parents share his care and due to DLA funding restrictions, they have needed to privately raise funds for his needs. Thanks to the publics kind support & generosity, they raised £25,000 for a ceiling track hoist, a special medical bath, building work & specialised equipment.
Josh is now very proud to be able to start to raise money to help other children with brain tumours & post surgery disabilities

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